Public policy

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Journal sections
To the 25th anniversary of the work of Lensovet XXI convocation
M.B. Gorny 25 years of democracy in St. Petersburg: Lensovet 21 and returning to the city of its historic name
Political science knowledge: theory and practice
I.B. Goptareva Post-democracy and legitimacy: theory questions

E.V. Suslov Illiberal democratic institutions as a factor in the creation of authoritarian political practices

O.C. Reut, T.P. Teterevleva Political knowledge on federal TV channels: a Usable Politics?

A.A. Balayan, L. V. Tomin The Internet and Social Media in the Modern Political Process: Beyond the Side of Cyberutopianism
Interethnic and interregional relations
M.E. Popov Socio-cultural integration as a tool for de-escalating regional identity conflicts

S.S. Rozhneva National Idea in Political Party Programs: Federal and Regional Levels (based on the materials of the North-West Federal District)
Public policy: regional aspects
D.I. Daugavet Proposals for improving the regulation of the cities and towns development of St. Petersburg suburbs

I.I. Bryantsev Institute of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the regional public policy space of the Saratov region

S.A. Sevastyanov Public policy of a big city at the present stage: features of the federal, regional and municipal political agenda
"Trial of the pen": Public policy through the eyes of political science students
K.D. Ambrasovskaya Measuring Corruption in Russia in 2014 and 2015 (using Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg as an example)

M.S. Borisenko Civic and patriotic education: a comparison of approaches

O.Y. Buzenkova Ombudsman Institute in Russia as a factor of democratization

A.V. Kolomatsky Analysis of the political culture of Russia and Ukraine through a prism of
postmaterialistic values

E.A. Lisitsa Comparison of political cars in mono-cities and million cities

M.K. Raschupkin The influence of party ideology on the position on the legislative policy in the field of prostitution

I.A. Sapsay Problems of implementation of anti-corruption policy at the level of business in the Russian Federation

A.B. Sorbalay The influence of the national party systems' characteristics on the speed of accession of candidate countries to the European Union: the case of post-socialist states in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe