Aims & Scope

Public Policy Journal positions itself as an international academic journal that aims to unite and promote the efforts of political scientists to study the theory and practice of how the states are governed, how their authorities function at different levels of governance, how civil society is involved in the decision-taking and decisions-making processes through public communications. Public communications, in turn, allow for professional and competent discussions of the mechanisms that help the governmental bodies constantly consult and take into account diverse societal interests when elaborating and taking policy decisions.
This would make the journal interesting for both academic community, and policy experts and practitioners.
The Journal also aims at becoming the professional forum where policy analysts and experts can share their views on and their analysis of the substance of decisions taken by the states in political, economic and social policy areas as well as of whether the decision-making processes that lead to the policy adoption satisfy the criterion of transparency and openness.
The Journal has its roots in the Annual Review "Public Policy" that has been published since 2004 for already 12 years by St.Petersburg Political Science and Humanitarian Center STRATEGY under the aegis of the Research committee on public policy and civil society of the Russian Political Science Association.