About the project

The journal "Public policy" is a Russian scientific and practical publication, the purpose of which is to unite efforts to study and understand the processes of functioning of state power, local governments, various forms, levels of civil society and public communications
The project is based on 12 years of experience in publishing the Annual almanac "Public policy", published by the St. Petersburg humanitarian and political science center "Strategy".
Main tasks of the journal:
  • creation of a platform for professional, competent discussion of mechanisms for the development and implementation of government programs at various levels, taking into account the expectations of different social groups
  • qualified exchange of opinions and assessments in the field of transformation of closed public policy into open one
  • preparation of recommendations to improve the effectiveness of specific areas of public policy and socio-economic development
The founders of the journal are the humanitarian and political science center "Strategy", the Editorial Board "Public policy"
The journal is intended for:
  • professional community of researchers, experts, decision-makers in Russian public policy
  • teachers and students
  • employees of public authorities and local self-government working in the departments of public relations
  • leaders and members of non-governmental non-profit organizations
  • experts, interested in improving the efficiency of their activities
  • a wide range of readers interested in the problems of public policy development in Russia
International advisory board:
Editoral Board:
Chief Editor:
A. Yu. Sungurov
Editoral Office:
A. A. Balayan (Secretary), A.V. Kuznetsova, A. L. Nezdyurov