Public policy

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Journal sections
The interaction of government and NGOs - national and regional experience
M. B. Gorny Interaction between NGOs and authorities: general trends and experience of St. Petersburg

D. Afinogenov Legislative initiative of citizens and their associations in the Russian Federation

A.V. Davydova, A.K. Sembayeva, A.V. Tarasenko Analysis of the world experience of interaction of public authorities with public associations

A.V. Davydova Review of the legislative base of interaction between the authorities and NGOs in Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic countries

M. V. Lavrik
The Chinese Way of Forming a Civil Society. The first steps.

M.V. Savva Problems of increasing public activity of the population of Krasnodar Region as a resource for socio-economic development

I. V. Tverdov Public Advisory Councils (ACS) as an institutional form of civil society structures (by the example of ACS at the Rostov FAS)
Centers and Schools of Public Policy
V. R. Berman, V. V. Kavtorin, V. I. Shinkunas The project "Mega Region - Network Confederation". Networking communities: theory and practice of functioning. Their role in a changing world

B. L. Vishnevsky Three years of "Open Russia"

A. N. Gelya Experience of the Vologda Oblast SPP: View from the Side

S. K. Kun The Experience of the SPP of the Novgorod Region: a View from the Inside
Sprouts of public policy in the USSR and Bulgaria
A. Daniel Is it possible to enforce to democracy?

A. Y. Sungurov Leningrad club Perestroika as a prototype of the Center for Public Policy

D. Popiliyeva, S. Koleva Club of publicity and restructuring support in Bulgaria
Political processes in the CIS countries and taheir reflection in the media
M. A. Plaksin Analysis of some changes in the political structure of the Russian Federation by the methods of "project management" and systemology

A. M. Rakhimzhanov Features of reforming the political system of Kazakhstan at the present stage

A. Y. Sungurov Chechen conflict and its coverage

E. V. Ufimskaya The Image of Russia and the Russian-Speakers in the German Press: the Problem of Negative Perception
The concept of the interaction of the executive bodies of state power of St. Petersburg with public associations and other non-state non-profit organizations "Public-State Partnership" for 2008-2011.

Comparative analysis of legislation regulating the activities of NGOs in central and eastern Europe.

Information on the work of the Interregional Seminar on Public Policy.

Recommendation CM / Rec (2007) 14 of the Committee of Ministers of the Member States on the legal status of non-governmental organizations in Europe. (23.5)