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Tulchinsky Gregory Lyvovich

Tulchinsky Gregory Lyvovich
Lecturer, researcher, expert, publicist. Doctor of philosophy, Professor, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation. Professor of the Department of public administration at the Higher School of Economics — Saint Petersburg; Professor of the Department of interdisciplinary research in the field of social Sciences and Humanities at the Saint Petersburg State University. Research Professor at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Chairman of the scientific Commission for interdisciplinary research in the field of natural Sciences and Humanities of Saint Petersburg State University. Member of the Board of The Russian creative Union of cultural workers.
Research interests: political philosophy, social Sciences
communication and management, philosophy of culture and personality, logic
and methodology of science

Author of more than 800 published works
(including 39 monographs and textbooks),
including published abroad in English, German, Spanish, French, and Ukrainian.

- In 1974, graduated from the Faculty of philosophy of LSU, majoring in
- Candidate of philosophy (1978 — faculty of Philosophy of LSU) — thesis topic "Logical and philosophical analysis of semantics of formalized languages" (specialty — logic).
- Doctor of philosophy (1987 — faculty of Philosophy of LSU) — thesis topic "Normative-value nature of understanding reality" (specialty — philosophy).
- The academic title of associate Professor. Was awarded in 1981, Professor — in 1990.

Has the copyright to the methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of social investments and social partnership. Organizer and participant of regional and international cultural support and development programs, scientific and educational projects and programs.

Member of editorial boards and editorial boards of magazines:
- "Philosophical Sciences" (since 2008)
- "Man. Culture. Education" (since 2012)
- "Russian Journal of Communication" (since 2013)
- "Vedomosti of applied ethics" (since 2013)
- "Intelligence. Innovations. Investments" (since 2016)
- "Public policy" (since 2016)

Responsible editor of more than 40 scientific monographs and collections,
scientific publishing series (including the "Bodies of thought" series of "Aleteia" publishing house). Chairman of organizing committees, member of program committees of international scientific conferences.

About G. L. Tulchinsky see:
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- Internet: https://www.hse.ru/org/persons/6660228?_r=idp61169...
Contacts: tel. (8921) 346 9351
e-mail: gtul@mail.ru
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5820-7333
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Russian scientific citation index:
4236, в ядре – 269
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