Soghomonyan Victor E.
Doctor of Political Sciences, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University 14 A. Nevskogo St., Kaliningrad, 236016, Russia. To contact the author: victorsoghomonyan@gmail.com

Political Discourse in Contemporary Society

In this paper we shall try to define the specifics of the cognitive mechanism of political discourse and to determine the meaning universe of this discourse, produced by its various actors, with a further demonstration of the critical influences that political discourse experience over the past ten years and thus gained definitions that are very distinct from the political discourse of precontemporary era. We can confidently state that presently, various segments of the society, depending on the degree of their involvement in public affairs with the use of contemporary tools and communication channels, are facing an increasing gap between the meanings that were supposed to be common for public interactions. Thus, while interacting in public space, these groups are however confined into isolated worlds and can only expect partial mutual understanding.

Keywords: political discourse, meaning universe, public interaction, social dimension, communication channels

Citation: Soghomonyan V.E. Political Discourse in Contemporary Society // Публичная политика. 2020. Т. 4. № 1. https://doi.org/10.31856/ jpp/2020.1.7