Philipp Casula
a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Zurich, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. To contact the author: philipp.casula@hist.uzh.ch

The Revolution goes global: The role of the East in Soviet post-revolutionary times

This paper highlights extensions of October
Revolution and the treatment they received in the Soviet Union, which went largely unnoticed in mainstream history and social science. It deals with the role of the revolutions in the "East" for the Soviet Union, at a time when the Revolution's homeland had itself exhausted its revolutionary thrust, especially after the Zastoy set in. This paper deals especially with the Soviet academic discussion on revolutions in the "East", which more than other discussion fora reflects a revolutionary disillusionment. In contrast, popular Soviet media and publications depicted a much more glorious image of the revolutions in the "East", thus filling the revolutionary void that grew larger in the Soviet Union, until Perestroika set in. As contemporary Russia might again be "pivoting to the East", understanding the past relations to the Global South is more timely than ever.

Keywords: Revolution, Soviet identity, Middle East, the East, liberation movements