Public policy

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Journal sections
The main article
Krastev I. They the People (англ. яз.)
Problems of regional development
Evstifeev R.V. The development of Russian political science in the context
of the regions: practice of measuring science

Barandova T.L. Analysis of Visual Communication of the Commissioners for Human
Rights in Regions of Russia

Polozova E.A., Grigoriev I.S. Regional political regimes in Russia in 1998–2002: what difference did the bankruptcy and joint-stock company regulation reform make?

Shashkova Y.Y. Influence of changes in party-electoral legislation on the formation of terms
of legislature in the regions of West Siberia in the 2010s

Kozlova N.N. Women in public policy. On the materials of the regional parliaments
of the North Caucasus Federal District
Political theory
Balayan А.А., Tomin L.V. Political networks: from metaphor to concept

Belyaev V.A. The logic of modernity and explanation in political theory

Linde A.N. Overcoming the negative influence of cybernetic-system state
management in the critical theory of society by J. Habermas
Sungurov A.Y. Symposium "Russian reforms"

Demenchonok E.V. Democracy in a recession? The 9th Congress, the Latin American Association of Political Science in Montevideo (July 26–28, 2017)

Akopov S.V., Kovalenko V.S. Eight problems of studying political history: a review of the book S.О. Kurbanov "Reflections on historical science and the role of personality in history. With examples from the history of Korea "(SPb .: publishing house RHGA, 2016)