Public Policy

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In memory of N.I. Eliasberg
A.A. Demidov VIII All-Russian Conference "St. Petersburg model of ethical and legal education of children and youth - education of a citizen of Russia": results and prospects

V.P. Golovanov Problems of civil law education in Russia modern sociocultural conditions

T.E. Matveyeva Center for Civil, Legal and Other Socially Significant Information in Memory of Professor N. I. Eliasberg as an Aggregator of Media Resources for Ensuring Ethical-Legal Education of Schoolchildren

A.L. Tretyakov Creation of a biobibliographic index of the works of Professor N.I. Eliasberg
Political science: yesterday, today, tomorrow
I.S. Grigoriev The importance of mistakes in the work of a political scientist: a critical analysis of Dahl and Putnam

A.Y. Sungurov Expert community and innovations in public policy

A.N. Scherbak, E.V. Sennikov, T.A. Lisovsky Can viruses kill democracy?
Totaritarianism and political repression: past, present, future?
I.V. Sokhan The Narcissistic Charm of Totalitarian Power: The Experience of Philosophical and Psychoanalytical reflection

E.V. Savva, M.V. Savva Political Repressions in Modern Russia and Methods of Creative Resistance

Evgenia Rokhlina Russian Eurasianism as a topical socio-political concept
Public policy in Russia: society and government
M.B. Gorny How do the institutions of civil society interact with the authorities in St. Petersburg

I.I. Bryantsev Formation of public chambers - activation of civic participation or race for status

I.Y. Shashkova Features of institutional trust in regions with traditional political culture (on the example of regions of the south of Western Siberia)

P.V. Petrushechkin On the question of the consequences of creating a unified apparatus authorized in the Tula region

Olga Drozdova Promotion of NGOs as providers of public benefit
"Trial of the pen": Public policy through the eyes of political students
A.M. Kuchinov On the Question of Democracy: "Deliberation" vs "Agonism"

C.M. Glazunova The ratio of public and legislative activity of deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

Y.S. Krivonosova The first results of the party reform in 2012: an analysis of elections to regional legislatures in 2012-2014.

D.K. Tinyakov Administrative Reform in Russia

E.L. Valikov The defeat factors of the opposition bloc in the municipal elections in Peterhof and Strelna in September 2014: through the eyes of the participant