Public policy

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Journal sections
Reforms as political innovations: successes and failures
I.S. Grigoriev Political reform of Gorbachev: managerial staff as a factor in the success of reform

N.V. Grishin, E.P. Marmilova Projects of opposition parliamentary parties to optimize Russia's electoral system

I.I. Bryantsev Regional Peculiarities of Management of Socio-Political Processes: Experience of the Saratov Region - Lost Old and Acquired New Opportunities

N.G. Zhidkova Innovation without improvement: the introduction of the principle
mobile number portability

A.Y. Sungurov On the role of scientific knowledge and scientific communities in public policy processes
Ideologies and ideological attitudes
Boyarkov R.L., Tairova N.M. Tolerance of Ideologies and Ideologies of Tolerance

Kuzina S.I. Ideological installations of power through the prism of assessments of Russian students
The status of "Foreign Agent" as an attack on independent NGOs
E.A. Vandysheva Strategies of NGOs in connection with the introduction of the status of a foreign agent

A.V. Zaitsev "Foreign Agent" No. 2 or features of public policy in the Kostroma region
Migration and related problems
T.L. Barandova, I.O. Izhik, A.M. Orlov The gender dimension of migration: practice questions without policy answers?

The project "We solve migration problems together: creating a sector-communicative platform" (Final report and recommendations)
Materials of the Second Annual Conference of the Department of Applied Political Science of the National Research University Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg.

October readings - 2013: "From Russia to Russia in 100 years: modern studies of social and political changes", St. Petersburg, October 10-12, 2013
T.L. Barandova, L.A. Barandov Games (in/about)) power: reflections on the coordinate system of modern activism

M.B. Gorny Efficiency of socially consultative structures under the authorities

G.L. Tulchinsky Managerial Soviet Revolution

A.N. Linde The Theory of Communicative Democracy of Jürgen Habermas in the Context of Russian Politics
Materials of the Student Forum "Socio-political changes in Russia: problems and solutions" held in the framework of the Conference "October readings - 2013"
E.A. Gorbeleva Actual problems of the Russian-Belarusian relations at the present stage (on the example of the conflict "Uralpotassium" and "Belaruspotassium")

Anna Derendyaeva "Evolution of youth political movements in Russia (end of XX century - beginning of XXI century)"

A.O. Domanov, L.S. Zhirnova
European Identity in the Russian Regions as a Component of Multiple Spatial Identity

A.M. Kuchinov Public Policy Research: Integrating New Theoretical Approaches

S.A. Shmeleva Relationship of trust and global competitiveness in countries focused on innovation development
"Trial of the pen": Public policy through the eyes of political science students
O.N. Gaiduk Executive Structure for Gender Equality and the Protection of Human Rights: A Comparison Experience in the Nordic Countries

D.K. Tinyakov
Quoting by Gender in Labor Policy: Pros and Cons (on the example of the Nordic countries)

K. Shalman
Social Policy: Ideologies and Formation Practices "Responsible paternity"

E.B. Mamedov Interaction of business and government in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod region