Public policy

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Journal sections
Civil protest: history and modernity
I. Mardar The New is a well-studied old ... The factology of the events of the Novocherkassk tragedy (1962)

M. Milovanova Social resources of civil protest in modern Russia

E. Dracheva, A. Scherbak
Political Internet and Civil Society in the 2011-12 Elections

Y. Shashkova December 2011 elections as an indicator of political crisis communications in modern Russia
Human rights: society and government
A. Khovanskaya Between Aversive Constitutionalism and Human Rights: Case of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

A. Nezdyurov Institute of Commissioners for Human Rights in the Subjects of the Russian
Federations as a social mediator - a mediator between society and the government

A. Kadynina, A. Sungurov On the concept of animal rights
Public policy
T. Barandova Public Debates for Public Policy: Factors and Actors among the Youth

O. Koryakovtseva On the issue of the role of public authorities in the prevention of political extremism among young people

M. Gorny History and development of the practice of interaction of non-profit organizations of St. Petersburg with the authorities: public-civil-political participation

E. Vandysheva Interaction of authorities and civil society institutions in the field of combating corruption in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

A. Tarasenko Changing the role of the "third" sector in the process of transforming the welfare state (on the example of St. Petersburg)
"Trial of the Pen": public policy through the eyes of political students
L. Akhnazarov Restrictions on the activities of the Ombudsman for the Protection of Political Rights: a ban on political activities

E. Mamedov Business Associations as an Intermediary Between Business and Authority: A Comparative Analysis of the Sites of the Three Leading Business Associations of St. Petersburg

A. Belyaev Events on December 4, March 4 and subsequent ones: the experience of the included observing as an observer, a member of the PEC with PSG and a political activist

D. Shishkin price of victory

E. Glukhova O. Mironov's book "Essays of the state human rights activist": review experience