Public policy

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Journal sections
By the 20th anniversary of the work of Lensovet XXI convocation
K.A. Mitchin On the establishment and the beginning of the work of the standing commission Lensovet Council on Food (1990-1991)
Society and authorities: models and institutions of interaction
T.A. Mordasova (Astrakhan) Civil society in the context of modernization: analysis of the state and features of development

M.B. Gorny Interaction of non-profit organizations and authorities in St. Petersburg

V.N. Nemina Analysis of the interaction of the authorities of St. Petersburg with public associations and other non-governmental non-profit organizations

E.G. Ushakova, A.A. Buntov (Yaroslavl) Political interaction of society and authorities: experience of dialogue platforms of the municipal level

D.V. Sosunov Public Advisory Institutions in the Process of political decision making (on the example of the Voronezh region)
Directions of public policy: Russian and international experience
A.Y. Sungurov Migration policy: a comparative analysis of foreign experience and some recommendations for Russia

R.L. Boyarkov Civil society pro tolerance

A.A. Liverovsky, N.A. Kraynova Corruption as a property of state power

E.A. Vandysheva, N.L. Evdokimova Independent anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts and their projects: from theory to practice

S.V. Zueva (Yaroslavl) Social well-being of young people as a factor of conflict in the conditions of a modern large city

Dimitrina Popilieva Liberal reforms in science in Bulgaria: a view from the inside
Students' works of the Department of Applied Political Science, St. Petersburg branch of the HSE
F.V. Yuzlikeyev Political Modernization in Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. Perspectives and Trends

D.V. Filimonov, A.A. Smirnov Civil Society and Economics: Experience of cognitive modelling at an international student colloquium

D.V. Filimonov Review of the book "Autobiography of the St. Petersburg City Council. Volume 2 "(St. Petersburg: Alexander Sazanov Publishing House, 2011)