Public Policy

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Journal sections
By the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Lensovet XXI convocation
M.B. Gorny Work of the Commission on Local Government Issues of the Lensovet 21st Congress

A.Y. Sungurov About the Commission of the Deputy Investigation into the Circumstances of a State Coup in the Territory of Leningrad
Society and authorities in modern Russia
M.B. Gorny Anti-Corruption

Y.G. Fedotova Problems of the effectiveness of the parliamentary inquiry mechanism in the Russian Federation

V.N. Nemina Evaluation of the current practice of interaction between non-governmental non-profit organizations and the executive authorities of St. Petersburg and ways to increase efficiency of interactions

E.A. Vandysheva About the role of the registry of NGOs interacting with the authorities in the development of public-state partnership
Innovations and policy development
S.V. Ratner The role of innovative filters in the process of diffusion of new knowledge

N.A. Baranov Innovations and Political Culture

V.A. Valdman Psychological aspects and problems of the innovation process

B.N. Kashnikov Moral-political discourse as a condition and goal of social innovation

A.S. Minin "I am ready to be His secretary": a retrospective view of the Russian highest bureaucracy

M.S. Arkannikova Dialogue between the authorities and the business community in innovative Russia: unrealized opportunities or whether officials will speak in the business language?

O.A. Leshchenko Obstacles / Barriers to the Development of Social Policy in Russia
(Features of the interaction of business and government)

S.B. Zhamov Social partnership - the key to successful innovation development (adjusted for the crisis)

N.M. Kapinos Innovations and innovative development in the social sphere

E.V. Koksharov Ethnic Identity as a Factor of Innovative Development in Russia
Cultural barriers in the development of modern Russia
E. Hellberg Hill Post-Imperial Nostalgia of Leningburg

A.A. Starodubov Identification of cultural barriers as features of development
of modern Russian society: the experience of using the results of mass polls

S.A. Denisov Influence of political and legal culture of society on the implementation of the norms of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

E.A. Lazarev Political Culture and the Rooting of Authoritarian Innovations in
modern Russia

A.V. Pavroz Manipulation and Problems of Legitimation of Power in Modern Russia

N.V. Abrosimova On the issue of trends in the development of modern political culture in Russia

N.V. Baraboshina Problems and strategies of political culture formation youth

A.N. Levchenko Administrative resource as a barrier in the development of political

L.V. Vedmetskaya The influence of the political and cultural component on the modern
administrative reform in the Russian Federation

N.S. Schweikin Political Culture of the Global Network Society: between publicity and security
Human Rights
V.V. Smirnov Human Rights in Russia: Assistance or Obstacle to Political modernization?

M.P. Belousova Human Rights in the Conceptions of Citizens and Elites of Russia

E.N. Kovalenko Russian Women's Movement and the Policy of Gender Equality in context of political change of the 2000s

D.V. Rudenkin Multiculturalism as a model for building ethnically tolerant societies in modern Russia

M.S. Kravtsov Restriction of the right of free movement of debtors as an example of the fate of innovation of Russian law
Works of students of the Department of Applied Political Science of St. Petersburg branch of the HSE
L.A. Petrova Public Councils under the Authorities: the Experience of St. Petersburg

Ye.V. Tereshchenko Russian Thought Plants and Public Policy Centers: A Brief analysis of five cases

F.V. Yuzlikeyev Problems of the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church to the human rights system