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Interaction between executive authorities and public organizations: the experience of St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia
M.B. Gorny Concept of Interaction between Executive and Public organisations in St. Petersburg: the first steps to implement - 28.8

E.A. Vandysheva Agreements on public-state partnership: to be or not to be ...

A. Orlova How employees of the executive authorities of St. Petersburg can effectively participate in the implementation of the Concept of "Public-Public Partnership" .- 64

A.S. Karpov Civil Hearings - Public Opinion Without Cuts

N. Sukhodolskaya NPO and public councils in Russia and St. Petersburg: creation, registration and reporting

A.V. Davydova, A.K. Sumbaeva Analysis of regulatory acts governing the interaction of government bodies and non-profit organizations in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation
Interaction and technologies of social partnership of law enforcement and human rights structures in the regions of Russia
A.Y. Sungurov Interaction of law enforcement agencies and public organizations in modern Russia: accumulated experience and implementable models

T.L. Barandova Power vertical - civil horizontal: are there any intersection points?

T.P. Garibashvili, L.V. Prokhorova Dialogue between the authorities and civil society in the field of
Internal Affairs of the Republic of Karelia

O.N. Korshunova "The Role of the Prosecutor's Office in Protecting the Rights and Interests of a Person and a Citizen"

O.V. Kobenko "General questions of interaction: the essence, forms and types

E.B. Serov "Some aspects of the interaction of law enforcement agencies and public organizations in the field of the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms in the implementation of criminal prosecution"

N.G. Pavlova Two pages from the experience of interaction of the human rights organization with the prosecution authorities
Experience in the preparation of "policy papers" - reasoned texts that can encourage the authorities to take into account the public interest
Y.N. Nikiforova About the importance of the time factor when writing documents in the genre of "policy paper"

E. B. Shilo. Removing administrative barriers in carrying out business activities in the market of funeral services created by legal acts of local governments of the Khabarovsk city

E. B. Shilo Traditional medicine (healing)

N.A. Miakshin
Regional policy changes in co-education of ordinary children and children with disabilities (inclusive education)
Model Regulations on the Public Council of St. Petersburg

Agreement N __ on public-state partnership

Order of the Ministry of Health of the Khabarovsk Territory "On the implementation of the activities of traditional healers in the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory"

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