Public policy

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Journal sections
Sungurov A.Y. Public policy, Centers of public policy and the scientific community: instead of introduction
Public policy: forms of participation of NGOs and problematization of the role of expertise
Gorny M.B. Public participation of non-profit organizations

Krasheninnikov Y.A.
Problematization of the role of expertise in a democratic model of political structure
Centers of public policy, community of political scientists, and civil organisations: the experience of Russian regions
Malinova O.Y. About the experience of the interaction of the professional community of political scientists with the government and civil organisations

Dakhin A.V., Makarychev A.S. Expert community of Nizhny Novgorod region: experience of
structured participation in public policy

Fadeeva L.A. "There are no aliens between us": political scientists in the regional community (Perm case)

Prokhorov L.V. On the issue of civic activism and the regional community political scientists in the Republic of Karelia

Lobachev A.I. Community of Pskov Political Scientists: Experience and Problems of Development
Public policy centers and civil organizations: the experience of the Czech Republic, Ukraine and the Irkutsk region in the Russian Federation
Nikitin V.A. Centers of public policy in Ukraine

Kral D., Spock R., and Bartowicz V. Public Policy Centers in the Czech Republic

Lavrik M.V. "Factories of thought" of the Irkutsk region
Human rights and public policy at the congress of the International Association of Political Scientists
Sungurov A.Y. Does democracy work? Congress of the International Association of political scientists in Fukuoko (Member's notes)