Public policy

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Journal sections
Public policy as an object of analysis
A.Y. Sungurov Public policy as a field of interaction and as a process of decision-making

N.Y. Belyaev "Public policy" as a term, concept and scientific category
Development of Public Policy in Ukraine
L.I. Nikovskaya, V.N. Yakimets Public Policy in Russia: problem of choosing the path of development

V. A. Nikitin Problems of the Formation of Public Policy in Ukraine

A.V. Dakhin
Public policy in a situation of changing the institution of legitimization of chapters
executive authorities of the RF subjects
Towards a global public policy
E. Klitsunova Transnationalization of Politics and Russian Non-governmental
organization: a late discussion?

L.N. Proskuryakova Building an effective policy of interaction with the public: the experience of international financial institutions and the possibility of its use by the Russian executive

M.B. Gorny Promoting the Development of Democracy - the Path to Public Policy
Public Policy Centers and Expert Community: Russian Experience
M.B. Gorny Centers of public policy of the late twentieth - early twenty-first century

A.L. Nezdyurov The role of public policy centers in the interaction of NGOs and authorities

V.L. Rimsky Construction of public policy institutions cannot solve problems of society

O.Y. Malinova Problems of the Development of Political Science and "Centers of Public Policy" in Russia

A.S. Makarychev
Expert community of Russia under V.Putin's presidency: problems of internal and external subjectivity

S.V. Bondarenko Communicative model of activity of experts of the Public Policy Centers using the capabilities of telecommunication networks

A.I. Zhukovsky Experience municipal "thought factory" in Veliky Novgorod in 1996-2005
Think tanks and analytical centers: experience of the CIS countries and Eastern Europe
I. Krastev "Brain centers" - the influence exerted and shown

V. Bogatyrev, S. Masaulov What do Kyrgyz people set for themselves?
analytical structures. (Tasks of independent analytical centers in the transition to a democratic society)

O. Manayev Belarus: "the IISEPS case"
Seminar Report September 13-15, 2004

Conference Report September 20-22, 2005

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