Ethical principles of the authors of the journal

The Editorial Board of the journal "Public policy " assumes that each author who submits his manuscript to the journal agrees with the following ethical principles:

1. The authors ' team specified in the manuscript includes all persons who made a significant contribution to the preparation of the material, and the persons who did not participate in the study are not specified in it

2. All co-authors are notified of the submission of the manuscript to the journal and have no objections to it (agree with it), the interests of the team of authors are represented by one selected person who conducts correspondence with the Editorial Board. The final version of the text will be sent for authorization to that contact person, and it is his task to acquaint all co-authors with the text

3. The order in which the authors are specified is determined by the team of authors before sending the manuscript to the Editor

4. The manuscript presents the results of the original scientific research. Bibliographic references are provided to scientific works that have influenced the course of the research in one way or another. Borrowed fragments or statements are drawn up according to the rules of citation with the indication of the author and the original source. There are no unformed citations and assignment of rights to the results of other people's research

5. The authors are responsible for all factual material presented in the manuscript and are responsible for ensuring that no data has been falsified or fabricated

6. Not allowed the manipulation of the quote in any way (inappropriate or unnecessary quoting of the work of the supervisor, boss, colleagues), including self-citations (bibliographic references list for the works of the author may not constitute more than 20% in the total number of references to 25, and when – no more than 5 references)

7. With the exception of correctly worded quotations, the rest of the manuscript is not elsewhere under copyright

8. The manuscript has never been previously published and is sent for consideration only in one, this edition

9. The graphic material presented in the manuscript is original and the copyright to it belongs to the authors of the manuscript, or it is formed by the authors on the basis of literary data supported by exhaustive bibliographic references

Authorship criteria:
1. Definition of authors and the circle of persons who took part in preparation of article, lies in the sphere of responsibility of researchers, not the Edition Board. Disputes between the authors on this issue are not considered by the Editors and may cause the suspension of the preparation of the manuscript for publication

2. The author is a person who directly participated in the writing of the article, in the development of its concept, collection of material, analysis and interpretation

3. The names of persons who have contributed to the preparation of the manuscript, but their work was insufficient for the recognition of authorship, are given in the section "Gratitude" indicating the volume of their work

Unethical behavior of authors:
1. After detecting violations of ethical principles by the authors, the Editorial Board tries to find out the causes and seriousness of the situation

2. If there is a suspicion of plagiarism, the author will have to prove his authorship, or correctly issue borrowed pieces of text, after which the Editors can re-examine the manuscript

3. In case of serious violation of copyright, as well as other provisions of these ethical principles and criteria of authorship, the manuscript will be rejected, and the Editorial cooperation with the author may be terminated

4. If by the moment of clarification of circumstances of violation of ethical principles the article was published, it can be withdrawn from the magazine with the corresponding mark on the official site