Ethical principles of reviewing

The Editorial Board of the journal "Public policy " assumes that each reviewer of the journal undertakes to follow the ethical principles of reviewing set out below:

1. The reviewer may not be a member of a long-term research team, which includes the authors of the peer-reviewed work, as well as a repeated co-author of any of them on other works

2. The reviewer may not be the supervisor (scientific consultant) of any of the authors-applicants for a scientific degree

3. The reviewer is an expert in the sub-disciplinary field, the research within which the reviewed manuscript is devoted

4. The review should objectively evaluate the scientific article and contain a comprehensive analysis of its scientific and methodological advantages and disadvantages

5. The reviewer should not use in their own interests information about the content of the work before its publication

6. The peer-reviewed article is a confidential document, it can not be transferred for review or discussion to third parties. In case of conflict of interest the Editorial Board should be notified about it